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Voting Delegates:

District Governor:
Lion Elaine Luk
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Immediate Past District Governors:

Lion May Ho and Lion Lia Maria Versaevel

First Vice District Governor
Lion Kevin Borde  
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Second Vice District Governor
Lion Teresa Ng


Cabinet Secretary: PDG Grace Hwo

Cabinet Treasurer: 2nd VDG Teresa Ng

Zone Chairpersons:

19L-A1  Michael Cheng (Click to view newsletter)

19L-A2  Mike Jenson, PZC (Click to view newsletter)

19L-A4  Ken Copping, IPZC

19L-A6  Bill Conway ZC Bill's Bio

19L-A7  Jackie Lee 

19L-A8  Michael Lou

19L-A9  Sherman Lo, PZC

19L-I1   Elliot Mann

19L-I2   Gary Foster

I9L- I3   James Sikora, IPZC
19L-I4   Margaret Wall   
ZC Bio
19L-I5   Cathy Specht, PZC

19L-I6   Ettore (Audie)Tamburini

19L-I7   Betsy Banford

Non-Voting Delegates:

Global Action Team Coordinator (GAT): DG Elaine Luk

Global Leadership Team Coordinators (GLT):
PDG Rita Fok an
d PCC Al Beddows
Global Membership Team Coordinators (GMT):
PDG Kennet
h Liu and PZC Betty Anne Herbert

Global Extension Team Coordinator (GET): PZC Sherman Lo
Global Service Team Coordinators (GST):
PCS/PZC Clara Chow and PDG Georgia Medwedrich

** Committees under GST Coordinators - 
Diabetes - PDG Georgia Medwedrich
Childhood Cancer
Environment - PZC Pollyanna Lui
BC Lions Society Chairpersons:
PZC Sharon Hansen and PDG Rob Dalton

CARE Chairperson: PZC Jocelyn Wan

Convention Chairperson: PCC Polly Voon

Constitution & Bylaws Chairperson: PCC Polly Voon

Contests and Awards Chairperson: PZC Kitty Lo
Cultural and Community Activities Chairperson: PDG Peter Cheng
District Administrator: PZC Sherman Lo

District Marketing Chairperson: IPDG May Ho

District Bulletin Editor: Lion Evelyn Smith
LCIF Coordinators: PDG Shella Keung and PDG Lorne Bunyan
Leo Liaison Chairperson: PDG Grace Hwo
Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide Chairpersons:
PDG Simon Yau and Lion Carol Martin

Lions Quest Chairpersons: PZC Vivian Lo and Lion Betsy Banford
Parliamentarian: PCC Polly Voon
Peace Poster Chairpersons: PP Amy Tam and Lion James Hoskins
Youth Exchange Chairpersons:
PZC George Sim and IPDG Lia Maria Versaevel




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